What are the Best Crossbow Scopes of 2013?

At ATA in 2011 our good friend gave us a review on the Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope. It’s an amazing scope that goes well with any crossbow. I actually have this scope on my Barnett Buck Commander and it worked out perfectly. It’s really important to having a good scope especially for those long range shots that I personally enjoy. I found a good review on Amazon who talks about how it also works well for their rifles. To learn more about scopes in general, read this great wiki article.

“I have Nikon BDC scopes on my rifles, 50 cal muzzle loader and now my Crossbow. The optics are crystal clear and is excellent in low light conditions. Using the Nikon Spot On program from the Nikon website let’s me know exactly where to aim.
To get your a points you must chronograph your Crossbow using the arrows you use for hunting. My Crossbow shoots 373 fps. Using the spot on program told me my aim points are 20,33,53,66 and 77. I have been able to shoot up to 70 yards. Every aim point was dead on. I was shooting dime size spots to 53 yards and quarter size spots to 70 yards.¬†I will never buy any other scope.¬†Nikon scopes are the best. They are fog and water proof. Hunting in Florida, fogging of scopes is part of hunting. Not with the Nikon BDC scopes…” – Read More

This scope is probably the best crossbow scope for the money you can buy because Nikon always produce quality and provide awesome customer service. Hope you enjoyed learning about the best crossbow scope, now go read about the best places that have crossbows for sale.


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