What is Best Crossbow Under 500 Dollars?

If you’re looking for a the best crossbow under 500 dollars, I highly recommend you check out the Excalibur Axiom. The video above is one that my friend made that gives us a decent review about the Excalibur Axiom. It’s his first crossbow and he loved it. He actually wrote a review of it at Amazon and recommends you buying from there. If you’re new to crossbow hunting, read this article that explains it better.

“This package is listed by the manufacturer as a “price-point” bow focused on people who want to try a re-curve crossbow without breaking the bank. I believe that, with this bow, Excalibur has under promised and over delivered!┬áThe bow only comes as a fully equipped kit with a scope, quiver, arrows, and cocking aid packed in a single box. Assembly took less time than watching the supplied instructional DVD and everything needed for assembly was included. The bow is light, weighing in at just over 6 pounds, and the balance is slightly weight forward which helps to damp recoil. Fit and finish is better than many “top of the line” crossbows. In an apparent move to keep costs low Excalibur replaced its usual extruded aluminum rail with a fiber reinforced plastic unit that is very solidly built and cross braced. The stock and limbs are camouflaged in “Real Tree”, the rail is matte black, and there were no flaws in any surface. The trigger was light (less than 3 pounds), very crisp, and had no noticeable creep. The manual safety is easily accessible, positive acting, and large enough to use wearing gloves….” Read the Full Review Here.

Now that you know what the best crossbow is for both under 500 and for those who have a bigger budget, learn about the best crossbow scopes.

The video below is one that I found online of someone actually hunting with the Excalibur crossbow. It’s really short and awesome.

crossbow under 500

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